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December 17, 2019
by katewilliams

End of Prep!

We have had a wonderful year and are enjoying looking back at what we have learned and appreciating all the friendships that we have made. With great excitement, the Preps met their new classmates and teachers today.

The Preps amazed everyone with their concert performance last week. They practised for weeks in preparation and their confidence and pizzazz filled all our hearts!!

From all the teachers in Prep, we wish you and your families a safe and happy holidays. We look forward to seeing you back as Year 1s in 2020!

December 6, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 4 Week 9

What a week 9 we are having! Everyone had an awesome time at the disco on Thursday afternoon dancing and playing games. Thank you to everyone who supported the Junior School Council by attending.

It was very exciting on Tuesday morning as each class had the chance to practise for the Prep Concert on the stage in the hall. We can’t believe in just a week the hall will be full of all our families cheering us on as we perform. All prep students need to be at the hall at 6.15pm on Thursday 12th December- they will meet their teacher on the stage. There will be a selection of art work for you to enjoy while you wait for the show to start. We welcome all families and friends- please remember that younger siblings will need to stay sitting with their families. Students will be dismissed from the stage by their teacher after the show. Please have one family member come to the front of the hall to collect them.

November 25, 2019
by katewilliams

Prep Post Office Walk

Rain rain go away!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a dry walk to the post office tomorrow. If we need to postpone we will inform everyone by 9am tomorrow.

The Prep Team


November 19, 2019
by katewilliams

Post office walk

On Tuesday November 26 we are walking to the post office to post very important letters! Thank you to all of the families who have brought back their permission slips and envelopes.

If you haven’t already brought an envelope, please bring it by this Friday. Make sure that it is addressed to the parents of the child and it has a stamp.

November 14, 2019
by jessbruce

Prep Week 6

The Preps have been learning about mass in mathematics. Experiences have included exploring the informal comparison of two objects using the technique of ‘hefting’. Last week, the preps with their buddies explored the use of scales for measuring mass. It was wonderful to observe the interaction, curiosity and encouragement between the buddies as they explored using scales as a form of measurement. A key component of measuring mass is the understanding of the correct vocabulary for describing mass. Terms include: heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than and the same as have become familiar in describing the weight of something.

To further support your child’s understanding of mass, you may like to draw attention of mass in everyday life for example: weighing fruit at the supermarket, measuring ingredients for cooking and how we know when a car needs petrol.

REMINDER The colour fun run is happening this Friday! Don’t forget to register for the major fundraiser for the year hosted by the Parent’s Association. Please speak to your teacher if you need any further information.


JSC Giving Tree

You may have noticed a gum tree arrangement next to the school uniform display in the foyer. Watch this transform into our school Christmas tree for 2019. In conjunction with the Salvation Army, JSC will soon be launching the Christmas Giving Tree. There will be more information coming soon in the newsletter.

Have a lovely week,

The Prep Team!

November 1, 2019
by jessbruce
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Week 4 in Prep

Wow a great start to the week we had! Grandparents and special visitors were welcomed into our classrooms and the children were so excited to play games, make hand print crafts, colour in and find out about what school was like in the past.

Thank you to all who came!

We have continued to write recounts about Grandparents day. See below.

In addition to this great event, the preps have enjoyed Prep sport, learning about addition in maths and exploring non-fiction books in reading.

A couple of reminders:

  • Icy poles are sold on Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime and cost 50 cents.
  • JSC Disco is on 5th Please send back permission forms and $7 by 22nd November.
  • Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday next Tuesday, 5th

Have a lovely weekend!

The Prep Team

October 18, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 4 Week 2

This term students are learning about their family history. We are immensely enjoying watching the student’s family tree presentations and learning all about different families.

We would like to invite Prep Grandparents/Special Visitors to come along and spend a morning with us at school. Our special guests are welcome to bring along objects and of course many stories of what things were like when they were at school.

Location: Your Grandchild’s Classroom

Date: Monday 28/10/2019

Time: 9am-10.15am

We are looking forward to seeing all the Preps running around and enjoying our Colour Fun Run!! Information was sent home last week and if you have any questions please come and ask your child’s teacher.

Finally, as we are moving into warmer weather next week, can you please ensure your child is suitably dressed (not too many layers) and know how to take off their own jumpers and jackets. Hats are required every day of term 4.

The Prep Teachers

October 14, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 4 Week 1

Wow what a fantastic start to Term 4!

This week we have begun our family tree presentations. We are practicing how to speak clearly, look at the audience and use a loud voice. We can’t wait to hear them all in the next few weeks.

In Maths, we are exploring how two parts make a whole. For example “3 and 7 make 10”. There are so many fantastic things you can do at home such as counting dinner! “I have 5 beans and 7 carrots, I have 12 altogether”.

In Reading we are discussing the important parts of a story. After your child has read their take home book you could ask them “what was the most important thing that happened in the story?” and “why?”.

Thank you for all of your support,
The Prep Teachers

October 10, 2019
by jessbruce

Dear Parents,

If you are a Telstra employee you are eligible to register Laburnum Primary School for a $1200 Telstra Kids Grant. From Tuesday the 15th October through to Friday the 25th October eligible Telstra employees will be able to register for this grant on behalf of our school.

You must register online by the deadline. The system will then invite you to complete the grants process so that the Telstra Foundation can gift the Telstra Kids grant if your application is one of the automated “lottery-style” entries chosen.
The more entries there are for our school, the greater the chance our name will be randomly chosen.

So if you are a Telstra employee please hop online as soon as possible and register.

Jacqueline Purcell

Learning Specialist

September 11, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 9

You may have noticed your child is a lot more tired than usual this week- welcome to swimming lessons! The prep students are having a wonderful time developing their swimming skills, including floating, torpedos, breathing techniques and water safety knowledge. If you haven’t already been doing so, it’s a good idea to provide your child with some extra snacks to eat before or after their lesson as they are using up a lot of energy. Also, it is very common for the students to be exhausted by the end of the week so hopefully they can have a big rest this weekend ready for the last week of term 3!

Thursday 19th September (Week 10) is our school’s Footy Colours Day. Students are encouraged to come to school wearing their favourite team’s colours or merchandise. We will be having a big parade at recess for the whole school to proudly show their team pride. Also on this day we have the first prep transition session for next year’s prep students. The current preps will be visiting Year One or their Year Six buddies classroom to participate in learning activities during this time. There will be similar sessions next term.

Just a friendly reminder that we have early dismissal on the last day of term (Friday 20th September). Students finish at 2.30pm. If you are unable to make arrangements to collect your child at this time, you will need to book them into OSHClub.

 The Prep Teachers


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