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Our swimming program begins with much excitement next Monday, 8th September.

All swimmers will need to bring: a swimming bag with towel, goggles and clean underwear all clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Children need to wear their bathers in the mornings under their school clothes so that we can have a quick change when we are at the pool. (It is easiest if girls’ one piece bathers are only pulled halfway up so they can still easily go to the toilet).

Please pack a warm hat or beanie to put on when leaving the pool for the trip home. Please also include an extra snack for the children to eat when they get back from the swimming pool, they are always hungry.

Any Asthma medication needs to be labelled and placed in your child’s swim bag.

Group 1 will have an early lunch each day before leaving for the pool at 12.30, returning at about 2.30 (swim time is 1.00-1.50).  Group 2 will leave for the pool at 1.30, returning at about 3.20 (swim time is 1.50-2.40).  Please do not order lunch orders on Swimming Days as we all eat early. Our Special Footy Day Lunches will be brought to the classrooms early.

We welcome any parent who would like to come and watch the swimmers as they love an audience. However, only designated helpers will be allowed in the changerooms with the children, as it becomes too chaotic and unmanageable with too many people.

If you are taking your child home from the Swimming Pool at the end of the lesson please let your child’s teacher know in advance so we can bring school bags with us. You will also need to see your child’s teacher at the pool to sign them out.

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