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Sensational Week!

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It’s been another sensational week in Prep.
The students have started our sound focus for the year. It has been fair to say that the SUPERSTAR preps have been SENSATIONAL. They have made SUPERHEROES, SUNFLOWERS, even took a trip down to the STATION. Pleasingly, all the students have been listening carefully to the sounds at the start of words, particularly those that start with /S/ sound.  The confidence the preps have shown in the Cued Articulation of the /S/ sound has been wonderful, witnessed most notably during the Prep sport walk around the school on Thursday afternoon.
Next week the Preps will be working on the /M/ sound.
On Thursday morning the entire Prep cohort ventured up to the Staffroom and met an incredible man by the name of Martin. Martin was from The Resilience Project and shared his amazing stories. He took the time to explain to the students how we are able to improve our own happiness. Martin spoke about how we need to show gratitude and be thankful for the things we have. The Preps were sensational in sharing some things they were grateful for. The Preps also took some time to be ‘in the moment’ and engaged in basic meditation, which over time increases Mindfulness. Finally, Martin spoke about empathy and the importance of doing something kind for others. This is something the Prep teachers have seen in the classroom everyday. Overall the session was terrific and the Preps were excited to point at things for the rest of the day, using the term ‘DIS’!
The weeks continue to fly by! Friendships continue to be formed. Questions are both answered and asked and there is overwhelming Bucket filling going on in all 5 classrooms.
Have a SSSSSSSpectacular weekend!
The Prep Team

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  1. Yes, this weekend everytime I used any word with S I was informed about the different sounds S can make. Looking forward to M.

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