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An Admirable Week


This week the Preps have been learning the /a/ sound. It can be a tricky sound to hear, especially when the letter A can make so many different sounds when we see it in books! However, the Preps have been doing a great job of hearing the short /a/ sound. We found words like: Ant, Act, Anchor, Astronaut, Ambulance and Add to name a few!

We have also been learning about using graphs to measure information. We have made graphs for what months our birthdays are, what our favourite animal is and even thinking of our own question that may of been asked, when looking at a completed bar graph.



We have also had a few parents come in to begin Story Time. The Preps have loved listening to these stories and learning about each others favourite Story Time books at home. If you would still like to take part in Story Time, please see your classroom teacher.




Upcoming events:

Dad’s Dinner: Tuesday the 8th of March 5.30 – 6.30 pm

Chesterfield Farm: Wednesday the 16th of March.


The Prep Team


  1. Chesterfield farm was scheduled for 16th March, is it postponed?

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