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A Delightful Week!


This week has been another busy week in Prep land. We have been looking at the /d/ sound and have found so many words including: Dinosaur, Dog, Dolphin, Door, Dice, Donuts and of course DAD and DINNER.

What a delightful time all of the children and their dads had at our special Dads’ Dinner. We completed an activity, read aloud our writing about what our dad is good at, ate delicious sausages and drank water and juice boxes to cool us down. A very big thank you to each and every one of the Mums who helped to cook the sausages in such extreme heat and ensure that everyone was fed. Thank you also to the wonderful siblings who helped hand out drinks.


dads dinner photo







This week the Prep Junior School Council Representatives were elected and presented with their badges at assembly. Congratulations to the following Prep students:

PD- Sascha and Freya
PK- Tom and Chloe
PM- Tristan and Annalisa
PP- Isaac and Catherine

PS- Angus and Serena
On Wednesday we have our first excursion to Chesterfield Farm. We are all looking forward to this fabulous excursion. Please keep an eye out for a Chesterfield Farm reminder notice that will be going out on Tuesday.


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