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26 days into our Prep journey saw a rather special event take place. The Prep students labelled their snack and lunches, placed their sun smart hats atop their heads and buckled their seat belts aboard the Crown buses and ventured off to Chesterfield Farm for their very first Laburnum Primary School excursion. The excited was high and warranted as the whole day was nothing short of spectacular.

Once arriving at Chesterfield Farm the Prep classes broke off into their class (with the assistance of some wonderful parent helpers) and we began our activities. These consistent of a tractor ride, a chance to milk the beautiful cow Tina, feeding a number of the farm animals located around the farm, a trip to the discovery center, watching Bridgette the sheep dog in action, holding and learning about the baby animals at the farm and finally a sheep  shearing show in Farmer Darren.

The day absolutely flew by, with the smile on the Preps faces evident all day. The school is very lucky to have over 100 students who behaved, listened and engaged in the whole day fully. As teachers we were very proud of their attitude.

A nice cool icy pole was required upon arriving back at school as students found some shade and debriefed about their highlight of their trip to Chesterfield Farm, with a very appropriate game of Duck, Duck, Goose to finish as well.

Today all of the Prep classes have their class and individual photos. These photos will go ahead despite the weather.

Can you believe there is only 4 days of Term 1 left! Week 9 is set to be another big week with the Preps revising the sounds they have learnt so far. Wednesday 23rd of March will see the Preps have a day of Specialist as the Prep teachers have their planning day for Term 2.

Have a /f/antatsic weekend!

Stay safe,

The Prep Team

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