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Sensational Week!


It was a rather short week in Prep last week. However, it was still SENSATIONAL!

The students started their sound focus for the year. It has been fair to say that the SUPERSTAR preps have been SENSATIONAL. They made SMARTY PANTS, SUNFLOWERS, even took a trip down to the STATION. Any guess of what our first SSSSSound was? All the students have been listening carefully to the sounds at the start of words, particularly those that start with /S/ sound. The confidence the preps have shown in the Cued Articulation of the /S/ sound has been SUPER. If you haven’t already, please ask your child to show you their cued articulation. They will be coming home doing plenty more in the coming weeks.

This week the Preps will be working on the /M/ sound.

In other Prep News, our Dad’s Dinner is fast approaching and will take place on Tuesday March 7th between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. This is a fantastic event where the students and dads come together. We play outside, eat some delicious food and then do some work in our classrooms.

The Numeracy Helpers Course will take place Tuesday the 28th of February. A notice has been sent home for parents who wish to attend the course. Similar to the Literacy Parent Helpers Course, there is a morning and evening sessions you can attend.

With the Laburnum Primary School fete only 5 weeks away the time has come for the Prep families to band together for the upcoming Working Bee. The Junior School Working Bee will take place on Saturday March 18th from 9.00am – 12.00pm.  A terrific community event will see many necessary jobs completed around the school. If you can attend, it would be greatly appreciated. Many hands make like light work!

Have a great week!

The Prep Team!

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