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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to school Preps!

We have had a great start to Term 3, and what a term it will be! 100 days of Prep, Book Week and swimming! Oh my!

Thank you to those families who have made a time to meet with their classroom teacher for parent teacher interviews. If you missed out on making a time, please feel free to make a time with your child’s teacher to discuss their Semester 1 report.

This week we have been exploring the sounds of /v/ and /qu/. Preps have been /v/ery in/qu/sitive when hearing these sounds in their reading and writing. Please ask your child how they make these sounds using their cued articulation hand movements.

We have also been looking at two digit numbers and what they are made of, for example, 23 is made of 2 tens 3 ones. The preps have using paddle pop sticks in bundles of tens and loose ones, in order to visualize their two digit numbers. Here are some photos of the numbers we have explored.


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