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Kane’s Arcade


Kane’s Arcade

Last week the Preps visited the Grade 1’s to have a look at the Arcade Games that they have made as a part of their Inquiry unit. The Preps had a lot of fun trying out the wonderful games and winning prizes. It was a great introduction to the toys that the Preps will be making in the following weeks. Starting this week, the Preps will be rotating between each teacher to make a different moving toy.


We are all looking forward to swimming beginning in Week 9. Thank you parents for returning all the swimming forms and to those who have volunteered to help out on the bus.


We are in need of boxes, plastic bottles, lids etc to help create our toys in Week 9 and 10. Please bring them to your class teacher so we can get creating!

We do ask if toilet rolls, egg cartons and milk containers could please not be sent.

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