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Week 8


As we enter the final 2 weeks of Term 1, we have been reflecting and celebrating the achievements of your children. Routines are working with less reminders, friendships have been made and much enjoyment has been had within our program.

As we continue to foster independence in the children, they should be encouraged to:

  1. Take on the responsibility in the next two weeks of packing and unpacking their school bag to make sure they have all they need for their next learning day.
  2. When arriving at school your child should be encouraged to carry their school bag into their classroom on their own.
  3. They will then place it in their locker and begin the morning routines that their classroom teacher has set up with them.

We are looking forward to sharing the experience of having the police come and visit the children on Monday the 25th of March.

The visit will involve the children learning about what police officers do to keep us safe, that they aren’t scary and what it’s like to sit in a police car. They may even get the chance to sound the siren!

Enjoy your week!

The Foundation Team

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