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Week 2 in Prep


This week the preps have been focusing on capital letters, the letter W and the blend of Th. The students used yarns of wool to create a whole class spider web that served as inspiration for descriptive writing.

The preps have also been looking at the significance of images when telling a story. They’ve used a range of videos and visual story books to decode the story.

In Maths they have been learning about estimation and all the ways we use estimation in everyday life.

Finally they have been developing their understanding of self through a ‘Bucket Fillers and Dippers’ activity. The students decorated buckets and have been looking at ways  to fill and dip from their bucket, highlighting actions and activities that make them feel happier versus things that take away from their and the class’ happiness.

During week 3, we will be visiting the Mother’s Day Stall on Wednesday. Items are priced from $2 to $10 and can be viewed in the office if you would like to see.

Have a good week! 🙂

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