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Term 3 Week 9


You may have noticed your child is a lot more tired than usual this week- welcome to swimming lessons! The prep students are having a wonderful time developing their swimming skills, including floating, torpedos, breathing techniques and water safety knowledge. If you haven’t already been doing so, it’s a good idea to provide your child with some extra snacks to eat before or after their lesson as they are using up a lot of energy. Also, it is very common for the students to be exhausted by the end of the week so hopefully they can have a big rest this weekend ready for the last week of term 3!

Thursday 19th September (Week 10) is our school’s Footy Colours Day. Students are encouraged to come to school wearing their favourite team’s colours or merchandise. We will be having a big parade at recess for the whole school to proudly show their team pride. Also on this day we have the first prep transition session for next year’s prep students. The current preps will be visiting Year One or their Year Six buddies classroom to participate in learning activities during this time. There will be similar sessions next term.

Just a friendly reminder that we have early dismissal on the last day of term (Friday 20th September). Students finish at 2.30pm. If you are unable to make arrangements to collect your child at this time, you will need to book them into OSHClub.

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