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Prep Week 6


The Preps have been learning about mass in mathematics. Experiences have included exploring the informal comparison of two objects using the technique of ‘hefting’. Last week, the preps with their buddies explored the use of scales for measuring mass. It was wonderful to observe the interaction, curiosity and encouragement between the buddies as they explored using scales as a form of measurement. A key component of measuring mass is the understanding of the correct vocabulary for describing mass. Terms include: heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than and the same as have become familiar in describing the weight of something.

To further support your child’s understanding of mass, you may like to draw attention of mass in everyday life for example: weighing fruit at the supermarket, measuring ingredients for cooking and how we know when a car needs petrol.

REMINDER The colour fun run is happening this Friday! Don’t forget to register for the major fundraiser for the year hosted by the Parent’s Association. Please speak to your teacher if you need any further information.


JSC Giving Tree

You may have noticed a gum tree arrangement next to the school uniform display in the foyer. Watch this transform into our school Christmas tree for 2019. In conjunction with the Salvation Army, JSC will soon be launching the Christmas Giving Tree. There will be more information coming soon in the newsletter.

Have a lovely week,

The Prep Team!

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