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September 2, 2019
by katewilliams

Jeans for Genes Day

Just a quick reminder that this Friday 6th September is Jeans for Genes day at Laburnum Primary School. So please encourage students to wear either denim jeans with their school shirt or a denim jacket and bring in a gold coin donation.

We are hoping to raise lots of money to support this wonderful cause and help raise awareness and much needed funds to support research into genetic diseases, their causes and potential treatments and cures.                                                                                    

Thank you!


August 27, 2019
by jessbruce


Over the next few weeks, the Preps will be looking at money in Maths sessions. We have begun by thinking about what we already know about money and where we use money and what for. This has included sessions on building their vocabulary to include things like bakery, butcher, supermarket, etc.

Soon we will be looking at the Australian coins and notes, developing an awareness of what they are, look like and worth. As part of this focus, we are asking if any families have any international coins or notes that they would be happy to bring in and show the classes. If so, please hand this to your child’s teacher and it will be returned to you soon after. Alternatively, you could take a photo and send that in too.

Always appreciative of your support,

The Prep Team.

August 23, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 6

This week has seen us move beyond the half way mark for Term 3 and while it seems to have gone fast, we have enjoyed observing your child’s growth with their learning.

We are now digging deeper with our unit on Toys with areas of focus linking into all of our key learning areas. Each class has looked at the different ways their toys can move. This involved much discussion and analysis. Reasoning was needed to distinguish how the toy moves for example bends, while not confusing this with ‘What do I have to do to make it move (push)?’

Buddies is always a highlight of the week and the Grade 6’s have been incorporating this focus into their planning of experiences this term.

We will soon begin making our toys using recyclable items. If you have any boxes at home that could be used for this, we would greatly appreciate it. These boxes can’t be from any food items and can include things like shoe boxes, toothpaste boxes, boxes from toys, etc.

We have looked at the differences between 2D shapes and 3D objects, requiring the students to not just describe the attributes of a 3D object but identify where they are in our environment.

Book Week Dress up day was a fabulous day for all and we had a lot of fun!

We would like to remind parents that if you are taking photos of your child at school, especially for special events, please make sure that your photo doesn’t include other children unless their parents give you permission.



Father’s Day Breakfast – Friday 30th August

Swimming – 9th September – 19th September

Have a great weekend!


The Prep Team


August 12, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 4

What a busy week we have had!

On Monday, the students attended a Mad about Science Incursion and learnt about how toys are made and how they move. Students even made their own Balancing Bobs.

On Tuesday, we all had a fantastic time celebrating the Prep students 100th Day of School! Everyone looked fabulous and we saw some very creative outfits. The students had a great time celebrating with a day full of activities centred on the number 100.

Please remember to return your swimming notices as soon as possible and inform your classroom teacher if your child will not be attending the swimming program.

The Prep Team

August 2, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 3

In the blink of an eye we have finished our third week of term 3! It is fantastic to see all our prep students so settled into the routines of school, ensuring they are ready to learn lots of interesting and exciting skills.

In Reading, we made predictions about Julia Donaldson’s incredible book Room On The Broom. We used our prior knowledge and the clues on the front cover to predict whether the main character was a good witch or a bad witch. As we read, we thought about our predictions and made new predictions if necessary. In Writing, we have started editing our work by checking all our letters are the right size. We put a blue line under a letter if we think we need to change it from a lowercase to an upper case, or the other way around. In Maths, we have been investigating place value of tens and ones, and making collections of two-digit numbers using bundles of ten.

All prep classes have now visited the Life Education Van and met Harold the giraffe. Please ask your child about the different things we learnt that we can do to keep our bodies healthy. Swimming notices came home this week. Please ensure you have completed all sections of the forms before you return them. If you have any questions, please come in and see your child’s teacher.

Next Tuesday 6th August is our 100th Day of Prep! Hopefully all students are busy creating some amazing outfits that reflect the number 100 and collecting 100 items to bring inside their ziplock bags. We will be holding a fashion parade at the start of the day on the basketball court. We invite all families to line up around the outside of the basketball courts at 9.00am so you can admire the fantastic outfits each class have put together. Please be aware that class teachers still need to mark the roll, and will then bring all students out in line to the basketball court. Get there early to secure the best viewing spot!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Prep Team


July 25, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 2

What a fantastic week in prep!

On Wednesday we had our final visit with the firefighters. The preps were very excited to climb into the truck and see all of their equipment. We also got to spray the hose.  Firefighter Rob was amazed with how well we listened and followed instructions.

This term our inquiry question is ‘How do toys move?’. As part of our unit we will be creating our own toys. We need your help to collect recyclable materials. Unfortunately we can’t use any boxes that have contained food due to allergies.

Some examples are:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Plastic containers

Thank you for your help and we are looking forward to showing you our toys!


July 19, 2019
by katewilliams

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back. We have another busy and exciting term coming up.

Teacher Interviews are during week 3. You need to make an appointment with your classroom teacher through SENTRAL. It is a wonderful opportunity to have a chat with your child’s teacher about their learning and progress.

This term, the preps are focusing on building the independence of the students, in preparation for swimming. It has been great to see so many students bringing their own bags into school and taking responsibility for unpacking. We encourage all the students to check that they have their reading folder or anything else they need for the day before they leave home.

Swimming is in the last two weeks of term. All students are expected to attend. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop, or build on, their water safety skills. The students have the next seven weeks to practise drying then dressing themselves after their baths or showers, taking their own clothes off when getting ready for bed and getting dressed independently when getting ready for school.

All the Prep teachers, as well as all the teachers that come to the Prep area for a look around, have been very impressed with the holiday writing recounts the students have written.

June 28, 2019
by katewilliams

End of Term 2!

Parent – Teacher Meetings  (Tuesday July 30 & Thursday Aug 1)

In Week 3, we are offering appointments for parents/carers to meet their child’s teacher individually. The appointment is an opportunity for you to discuss the next steps in your child’s learning.

These appointments will run for 10 minutes; this includes “change-over time” to allow the teacher to be ready for their next appointment. Specialist teachers will have limited appointments available, for classes they have taught in Semester One only.

If you need more time with a particular teacher for any reason beyond this, you are welcome to arrange a separate meeting or phone call outside of these dates and times.

To make a booking: Visit: https://sentral.laburnumps.vic.edu.au/portal and click on the Parent-Teacher meetings tab

Opening and Closing Dates

Bookings will open Friday 12 July at 5.00 pm.

Bookings will close Sunday 28 July at 5.00 pm.



In Term 3 Prep students are not timetabled for weekly library sessions. The library opens at 8.45 am every morning and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes (1.25-1.50 pm) to return and borrow new books.

In Term three we will be holding story time sessions for Prep students every Wednesday lunchtime from 1.00 – 1.25 pm. These sessions will be taken by our fabulous Year 6 library captains where they will read and talk about books from our ‘new arrivals’ area and introduce the students to the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted books.

Our story time sessions begin Wednesday 24th July. An announcement will be made at 12.50 pm to remind students to come to the library if they wish.


Have a fantastic holiday everyone and we will see on Tuesday the 16th of July!

The Prep Teachers

June 21, 2019
by katewilliams

Prep Week 9

Thank you to everyone who attended the prep performance at assembly. The children did a fantastic job and were very proud about spreading the message of picking up rubbish and bringing nude food to our school community!

This week we have been working on making connections to books we read by using our personal experiences. For example when you read a book about the beach you might think about and make a connection to a time you have been to the beach. We have discussed that this is what good readers do to have a better understanding of the books we read.

Today the children went to their STARS groups. It is a fantastic opportunity for the preps to meet other children and teachers in the school as we are in mixed groups from prep to 6. Today STARS was organised by the Wellbeing Captains and we focussed on mindfulness.

The preps were meant to have the final visit from the firefighters today. We have had to postpone this session until next term due to the crew responding to calls. Hopefully when they come next term the weather is a bit better!

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and only one more week of school. Don’t forget that school finishes at 2.30pm next Friday (28/6).

The Prep Team

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