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August 18, 2016
by emmadove

Science Rotations

Wow! What a /z/ippy week we have had this week. The week has absolutely flown by and we are now past the halfway point in Term Three. Well done Preps!

We have been learning all about the /z/ sound this week and have found an array of words with this sound in it: bu/zz/, /z/ippy /z/ebra, Miss /Z/apantis, free/z/ing and /z/ero.

In Maths, we have continued our work on addition and also introduced Venn Diagrams to help us compare things. The Preps have created amazing addition problems on the iPad app “Doodle Buddy” and have used their part-part-whole knowledge to solve the problem. E.g.- 4 and 3 is 7.

This week is our third week of our Science Rotations and the Preps have been having an amazing time making moving toys. We have made toys that:

– Use a lever
– Spin

– Have a wheel and axle

– Use wind power

– Use push and pull

Check out the photos of the different toys that have been made.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Well done everyone on a terrific Week 6! Bring on Week 7!


August 15, 2016
by emmadove

A Jovial Week!

What a /j/oyous week we have had in PrepLand!

The week began with the Preps learning their new sound of /j/ and exploring where we can hear the sound. We found the /j/ sound in /j/elly, /j/aguar, /j/uice and /j/ungle, /j/ust to name a few!

The Preps this week will be looking at the /z/ sound. Be sure to ask your child how to make these sounds using the cued articulation hand movements.

Last week not only marked the beginning of the Rio Olympics, but also the Prep Potato Olympics! Thank you to all families that brought in a potato. The Preps have thoroughly enjoyed making their own Potato Athlete profile, dressing them up in uniform and participating in the events throughout the week! As the Preps have competed in these games, we have used our measuring and adding skills to work out which potato has performed the best in their event.






Friday was the due date for swimming deposit payments. If you have not yet paid the deposit, please do so at the front office immediately. We do encourage all children to participate in swimming lessons, however, if your child is not joining us for swimming, please let your classroom teacher know.

Have a lovely weekend!



The Prep Team


August 5, 2016
by emmadove

100 Days of Prep!

Wow! What an exciting week! The day we have been waiting all year for was finally here on Wednesday. We are now 100 days cleverer! All the prep teachers have been amazed at the wonderful growth in the children’s skills and confidence so far this year.

We started off with a parade in the hall to show off our fabulous /p/ costumes. We loved having so many parents, friends and all our buddies there to watch.

The fun continued for the rest of the day, and the whole week, with activities centred around the number 100 and a party lunch.

We painted handprints to help us count by 5s to 100 and made crowns with 100 pictures on them.

We have written about what we can do now we have been at school for 100 days, and what we think we will look like when we are 100 years old.

We also went on a number hunt in the playground, trying to find every number from 1 to 100. Did anyone find them all?

A big thank you to all the parents for helping your children with their amazing costumes and for providing such delicious food to share for lunch. We had a fabulous day!

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3


photo 2









July 29, 2016
by emmadove

An E/x/cellent Week!

Week 3 is coming to an end and it has been nothing short of e/x/cellent

The biggest discovery of the week took place when some pesky pirates sent all of the Prep grades on a treasure hunt where all the students quickly learned that not only did /x/ mark the spot but so did /ks/. That sort of stuff wasn’t tricking the preps of L.P.S.

Our maths lessons saw the students practicing the concept of addition. Students verbalised that when you add something to something else, it gets bigger. Once this was realised students there was an abundance of addition stories that validated the students understanding. Mr Mac’s personal favourite was, “Richmond kicked 12 goals and the Kangaroos kicked 9 goals. All together 21 goals were kicked.” No bias!

Week 4 could quite possibly be the busiest and most exciting week of 2016 so far.

All Grades are getting extremely excited for 100 Days of Prep which is taking place on Wednesday 3rd of August.

Please remember to wear your /p/ costume on Wednesday. We will be having our parade soon after 9am and would love to see parents and friends there. We always love an audience!

Please don’t forget to bring a plate of food to share for lunch. Students do not need to bring normal lunches, but will need to bring their own snack and drink bottle as usual.

If any parents are able to assist in helping set up lunch at 12:30 it would be much appreciated. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are able to help.

And to add to an already amazing week on Friday 5th of August we are having a special whole school Olympic Assembly to celebrate the opening of the games, beginning at 2pm in the hall.


Each class has been assigned a country to represent and dress up as. We would love the Preps to wear the colours of their assigned country, however, please do not buy anything new! We will be making flags and props in class, so if you could just wear the colours of your country’s flag, that would be great.


Prep D are representing Indonesia. The Indonesian flag colours are: Red and White

Prep S are representing Egypt. The Egyptian flag colours are: Red, White, Black and Yellow

Prep M are representing Malaysia. The Malaysian flag colours are Blue, White, Red and Yellow

Prep K are representing South Africa. The South African flag colours are Black, Yellow, White, Red, Green and Blue.

Prep P are representing Hong Kong. The colours of the Hong Kong flag are White and Red.

It will be a perfect week in prep, with parades, pictures, princess, pirates, Pokémon and a little bit of pandemonium.

Have a lovely weekend!



The Prep Team

July 27, 2016
by emmadove

Writing Superstars!

What a fantastic week. This term the Prep students have been learning about adjectives. It has been fantastic to see many students adding amazing adjectives to their diary writing every Monday.  It is also wonderful to see many children are now writing more than one sentence or two sentences joined together.




This term the Prep children have also started using dotted thirds paper to write on. It can be quite a challenge, but all of the children are working hard at making their letters the correct size and shape.

In Maths we have started looking at addition.  The children will be involved in many hands on activities to learn strategies like ‘Counting On’ to help them.




Don’t forget our 100 days of Prep celebration next Wednesday. Children come dressed as something beginning with /p/. There will be a parade first thing in the morning.

Next Friday there is a special Olympic Assembly in the hall beginning at  2:00pm.

Classroom teachers will let you know which country your child’s grade is representing. Children are allowed to come dressed in that country’s colours.

Have a great week,


The Prep Team

July 16, 2016
by emmadove

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! We are all glad to be back as Term Three is full
of exciting events from Prep 100 days to swimming.This week, the Preps got straight back into the swing of things and
showed off the amazing growth they have made this year. We learnt about
the /n/ sound and did lots of writing activities such as the activities
we do during the day and at /n/ight as well as our naughtiest day ever!
We have some very /n/aughty Preps in our grades including one who brushed
her teeth with strawberry jam instead of tooth paste and many others who
have snuck chocolate from the cupboards into their bedrooms (keep your
eyes PEELED Prep Parents!)


In Maths, we have continued our counting and place value focus with lots
of Preps fine tuning their understanding. We also have been looking at
measurement. The students have been using unifix to measure objects and
find other objects that are shorter, longer or the same size. According
to the Preps, their heads are about 10 unifix long!


Next week we will be beginning our Science unit on toys. Please remind
your child to bring a toy that moves in some way into school on Monday.

A big thank you to Ellise Moncrieff (Prep M) for organising and running
the final Parent Readers Course. It is terrific to have so many of you in
the classroom reading with the students. You are helping to make a
difference in our classrooms, thank you!

The Prep Team

June 23, 2016
by emmadove

Thanks for a Great Semester 1!

80 odds days

Have really flown by,

We learnt about weather

The sun and the sky.

The start of school

Seems so long ago,

The great man Mr McCaffrey

Even taught us to throw.

We’ve learnt to be safe

From the police and the firemen,

We even ventured out to Chesterfield Farm

To meet cows, camels and a little brown hen.

We all got a buddy

Who took us under their wing,

We’ve loved music with Ms Elias

Playing instruments and learning to sing.

We’re almost half way

But we’re not quite done,

The zoo, 100 days and swimming

Are sure to be FUN!

Have a great holiday

May it be the best it can be,

We will see you in two weeks

For a jam packed Term 3!


Classroom Helpers Reading Course

The final Classroom Helpers Reading Course will take place on Thursday 14th July at 4pm (first Thursday of Term 3). Please note this will be the final reading course offered in 2016.

If you would like to assist with reading in the classroom you must have completed this course. However, it is also helpful if you are wishing to further assist your children with reading at home.

Please contact Ellise Moncrieff if you would like to attend.

June 20, 2016
by emmadove

An Excellent Week

What an excellent week of learning we have had in Prep last week. In literacy we have been busy learning about the short /e/ sound. It has been so exciting to see the Preps’ growing skills in hearing and recording sounds. They have been able to recognise so many words with the /e/ sound in the middle as well as the beginning.

This week we will be revising all the sounds we have learnt so far.

In maths we have been continuing to develop our place value and counting skills, but have also been focusing on patterns. We have learnt to copy, continue and create our own wonderful patterns. Look at these great examples!








Parent/Teacher interviews will be held Monday – Wednesday this week

End of Term

Early dismissal at 2.30pm on Friday 24th June

Classroom Helpers Reading Course

The final Classroom Helpers Reading Course will take place on Thursday 14th July at 4pm (first Thursday of Term 3). Please note this will be the final reading course offered in 2016.

If you would like to assist with reading in the classroom you must have completed this course. However, it is also helpful if you are wishing to further assist your children with reading at home.

Please contact Ellise Moncrieff if you would like to attend.

June 14, 2016
by emmadove

Brilliant Week

It has been a beautiful, brilliant and busy time in Prep the last few weeks. Each classroom has been positively BUZZING and BURSTING with energy.

Any guesses at what sound we have /b/een looking at this week?

The last two weeks has seen a few significance events take place. The prep students were lucky enough to have a visit from a real life policeman. Detective Taylor, who has been coming to Laburnum for 9 years now, taught us the important role that he and his fellow policemen play in the community to keep us safe. The highlight of the visit was seeing each student getting to go inside the police car and testing out the siren. After a 106 tests, the teachers concluded it well and truly worked.


Last Friday, to consolidate our understanding of the /c/ and /k/ sound the preps were invited to wear crazy socks. It was fair to say that they jumped into this challenge with both feet (literally). There were bright, odd, long, short and even homemade socks that had everyone else in the whole school saying. These are some “CRAZY SOCKS!”


As we near the end of the second term it is important to recognise the hard work that the preps have put in over the last 74 days. The efforts during class and at home have resulted in so many quality learning experiences and outstanding memories. As their teachers we are certainly excited to experience further growth and more wonderful times with each of them in Semester 2.

Just a reminder to that Parent Teacher interview will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during Week 11 this term. You can make a time to see your child’s classroom teacher by visiting the following link and making an appointment. We look forward to discussing and celebrating so many achievements.


Enter Code:  thbvf

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

The Prep team

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