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November 16, 2016
by emmadove

Market Week!

Dear Parents / Guardians,

There is only two more weeks until LPS’s Market Week. This term the Year 6 students have been learning about economics. We have worked hard to create stalls selling many goods and services. Some of the exciting games on offer include mini-hoop basketball, soccer top targets, coin toss games, ping pong games and paper plane throwing competitions. Some of the fabulous products on offer include popcorn, baked goods, snow cones, milkshakes and fairy floss. Prices range from 50c to $2 per activity/product. Most children do like to buy something, but if you do not want your child to buy anything, do not send any money. We do talk about families being different and people having different treats. Please make sure money is in a named purse or bag, (ziplock is fine), as change is easy to lose and this causes distress.

The stalls will be held during lunchtimes in Week 8 of term and each year level has an allocated day of when they can attend.

Year 1 & 2 – Tuesday 22nd Nov

Year 3 & 4  – Wednesday 23rd Nov

Year 5 – Thursday 24th Nov

Prep – Friday 25th Nov


The money raised from the stalls will contribute to the end of year celebrations for the Year 6s. We look forward to seeing the students there!


The Year 6 teachers and students.

November 11, 2016
by emmadove

What a busy few weeks we have had in Prep! There have been so many special events lately.


It was a beautiful day for our excursion to the zoo and we had such a fantastic time. We got to see many of the animals as well as take part in a special visit to the education centre where we met some animals close up.

A big thank you to all our wonderful parents helpers who helped make the day such a success. It is an experience the children will remember for a long time.




The Prep Disco has been another highlight! It was great to see the children arriving in their special disco outfits ready to show off their dance moves, and a fantastic time was had by both preps and teachers alike. The following day all the preps completed detailed recounts of their experience. Here are some of their thoughts:

On Thursday all of the preps went to the fun disco. First we has some free dancing. Next we all played musical statues and got a glow stick. Then we did some rock and roll dancing to Uptown Funk. I loved it. – Annalisa

On Thursday all the preps went to the hall. First we played musical statues. Next we got a glowband. Then we did the chicken dance. Next we had a photo. Last we went outside and got a juicy cold nice icypole. My favourite song was Can’t Stop the Feeling. Miss Spillane and Mr Mac were DJs.  – Tristan




This Thursday the whole school joined together to sing “Let it Play” for Music Count Us In. It was great to see the Preps standing with their Grade 6 buddies, singing so beautifully and remembering all the actions.


Did you know that this week the Preps have started rehearsing for the Christmas Concert? Put the date in your diaries, Thursday 1st of December. It is a night not to be missed. Shhhhh, please don’t ask us what songs we are singing, because it is a surprise!


The Prep Team

October 21, 2016
by emmadove

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school and what will be a very exciting Term 4! The Prep teachers are baffled at how quickly this year has gone. We are already at the end of our first two weeks of term and we have had some exciting learning happening in the classroom.

In the first week back at school, we had Twilight Sports. The rain tried to get in our way, but luckily it held off long enough for us to complete all events. The Prep students were particularly impressive in their sprinting and obstacle course skills.

In Literacy, we have been looking at the /th/ sound. We have learnt that it makes two different sounds: a voiced and unvoiced sound. I wonder how many Preps can show their parents the two different cued articulation movements.

In Maths, we have been focusing on subtraction. The Preps have been doing a wonderful job at taking away from a larger number. They made some animal subtraction stories and used hands on materials such as teddies and counters to assist them. The students also used number lines to help them count backwards. What a terrific job they did!

In History, we have been discussing different family dynamics and the celebrations that are important to different cultures. It was so exciting to hear about the special events Laburnum students celebrate such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and Christmas.

Finally, the students have had a play around with Coding. They have programmed Beebots to move around as well as a range of apps: Light bot and The Foos. They have shown so much excitement about the concept of coding.

September 26, 2016
by bbrickhill

NEW Survey—Laburnum PS Language Choice

Thank you to all those families who responded to the Laburnum Primary School Languages Consultation Paper distributed recently via our school blogs, newsletter, website and the Skoolbag app.   The School Council have narrowed the school language choice to either Chinese (Mandarin) or a European language (French, Italian or Spanish)This is based on results of the recent Languages survey, evidence in the Languages Consultation Paper, student feedback and the recommendations of the education subcommittee.  You can indicate your preference by completing a very brief follow up survey .  This survey will close Tuesday October 4 at 10am.

September 16, 2016
by emmadove

Happy Holidays!

Wow! What a busy last two weeks of term!
All the Preps have impressed us with their persistence and great attitudes while making excellent progress in just two intense weeks of swimming. We finished with a fun day on Thursday and the students had a blast enjoying inflatables, a rain cloud and making a splash with a few jumping bombs. The Preps really need to be congratulated on their amazing effort over the two weeks, showing a great attitude and willingness to learn and be safe around water. The teachers at Just Swim raved about the students from Laburnum. A big thank you to all our wonderful parents who helped each day.

Last Friday gave us a chance to relax as it was the JSC Pyjama Day. It was wonderful to see so many Preps taking part in their PJs, dressing gowns, slippers and onesies. Thank you everyone for your gold coin donations, altogether we raised over $800 for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

We have also been busy designing our own toys as the conclusion to our Science and Design and Technology units. Just look at these amazing creations!

“Hot Pies! Cold Drinks! Prep Superstar Footballers!” It was fantastic see the Preps dress in their team colours for their first Laburnum Footy Day! The Brown and Gold appeared to be the most popular colour amongst the crowd! The school was even lucky enough to have the Melbourne superstar Christian Petracca come and speak. Fun FACT, our very own on Kate Spillane was Christian’s Under 8 Basketball coach. So she basically taught him everything he knows. All of the Preps sung and danced to each theme song and loved having a kick before school, at recess and after school. I am almost certain that there are a few future premiership captains amongst the ranks.

As we lead into the Term 3 holidays the Prep Teachers would like to wish all the students and their families a sensational two week holiday. Term 3 has had some many wonderful highlights including 100 Days of Prep, Wacky Wednesday, Book Week, Pyjama Day, Swimming and outstanding efforts in all of our learning focuses. Term 4 is set to be a busy, productive and amazing finish to an already outstanding year.












September 3, 2016
by emmadove

Wacky Wednesday!

Week 8 of Term 3 appeared to be a little more WACKY than usual.

It all started with a shoe on the wall….
Wednesday saw the Preps arrive at school with socks on their hands, undies on their head, shirts on backwards, work was getting done underneath tables, students raising their legs instead of their hands, clapping their feet and not their hands and some students even ate their snack for lunch and their lunch for snack. This all happened for one reason and one reason only. It was WACKY WEDNESDAY! It was a terrific day, which all of the Prep students enjoyed!

Friday morning saw a massive influx of dads as the annual Father’s Day Breakfast was held. It was great to see so many dads enjoying the delicious bacon and egg rolls and a blueberry muffin or 3. Once the bell rang, the Prep students led the way into each of their classrooms to teach their dads a few things. The subitising, counting and addition skills of the dads was very impressive.

As we approach the final two weeks of Term 3 (that is hard to believe), the Prep students are very excited and ready to jump right into their first lot of swimming lessons. These will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of both weeks and are a highlight of the term. The Preps are sure to make a splash. A big thank you to all of the parents who are assisting throughout the two weeks of swimming.
With two weeks of the Term left the events certainly don’t stop! Next Friday the 9th of September will see the JSC Pyjama Day take place. Students are invited to wear their PJs to school for a gold coin donation to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

During the last week of Term the LPS Footy Day will be Thursday 15th of September. The students can wear their team colours and enjoy a hot pie with their footy lunch.

Finally just a quick reminder that the Prep Science Morning Club will be this coming Monday the 5th of September starting at 8.15am in the Science room. It is set to a fantastic morning. Please feel free to attend.

Have a great weekend!

The Prep Team.

August 18, 2016
by emmadove

Science Rotations

Wow! What a /z/ippy week we have had this week. The week has absolutely flown by and we are now past the halfway point in Term Three. Well done Preps!

We have been learning all about the /z/ sound this week and have found an array of words with this sound in it: bu/zz/, /z/ippy /z/ebra, Miss /Z/apantis, free/z/ing and /z/ero.

In Maths, we have continued our work on addition and also introduced Venn Diagrams to help us compare things. The Preps have created amazing addition problems on the iPad app “Doodle Buddy” and have used their part-part-whole knowledge to solve the problem. E.g.- 4 and 3 is 7.

This week is our third week of our Science Rotations and the Preps have been having an amazing time making moving toys. We have made toys that:

– Use a lever
– Spin

– Have a wheel and axle

– Use wind power

– Use push and pull

Check out the photos of the different toys that have been made.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Well done everyone on a terrific Week 6! Bring on Week 7!


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